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This is a small collection of my contributions to the anime sheet music world. My arrangements tend to be a little on the sparse side. Corrections welcome.

Ivanhoe (Midi)
(Original. Uploaded on 12/04/03)
The first and only song I've ever written. It was christened "Ivanhoe" by a friend of mine in high school.

For Fruits Basket
(Fruits Basket. Beta release on 15/08/02.)
The opening song to the series, TV length, arranged for vocal and piano (with lyrics).

Memory ~ At Home
(Fruits Basket. Completed on 19/05/02.)
Some common background music. Picture it played a few octaves higher, on a glockenspiel.

(X - TV. Completed on 12/03/02.)
The piano version of some background music from the X television series.

Super Drive (Silent Beat Mix)
(Gravitation TV. Completed on 03/03/02.)
If you don't know the Silent Beat Mix, it's on the TV OST. A slow, pretty piano solo mix of the opening theme.