Evangelion: A New Light
Eva-01, like you've never seen it before...

The Story:

I'm a member of an anime club that has regular screenings with door prize draw. One week, I was lucky enough to win first prize. Naturally I chose the best item there, an action figure of Eva-01, complete with mini Kaworu. How morbid is that? Not being a very large Eva fan, however, I was uncertain as to what I should do with it. Should I leave it in its box and hope it becomes valuable? Should I give it to someone else? Should I make a little display for it?

Eventually, however, my friend Phillip and I came up with another plan... Digital Photography.

The images that follow were originally posted to my blog. Google indexed them. One day, while browsing my tracker, I discovered they had been posted to messageboards, used a siglines, and any number of other things. Now, I find hotlinking just a little annoying, to put it simply. So I thought for a while of deleting them, of replacing them with green and pink fluro stripes, but eventually I decided a website was in order. So I wrote this page, and put the URL on the images themselves.

As a bonus, there are several new images included on this website. Whee.

A final request: Please do not post these images anywhere without my permission. Just link this url. It's http://www.irrealistic.net/images/eva.html . Thank you.

~Liz, January, 2003 ( hits)

Warning: Graphics heavy content ahead.

NEW: 17/02/2003

The less said, the better, in my opinion.

Yeah, uh...

It's biker Eva-01. Or, er, something.

~ * ~

Stand and draw!

This was the closest I had to an angel - a mouse/bear thing with wings and a halo. Ehe.

Calendar Pose
A calendar pose. Disturbing, isn't it?

A village scene
Phillip: Do you have any small skyscrapers or anything?
Liz: I don't think so...
It took a bit of effort to get the Eva to sit on that park bench, though.

We raided the box of old toys in my sister's room for this one... Enough said.
And no, there is nothing dodgy going on here. Really.

The flag was a gift from a Canadian exchange teacher in high school.
Insert mountie joke here.

"Alas, poor Yorick..." The model comes with two heads. We made use of this.

DIE, Angel scum!

Eva vs. Vader. Round one. FIGHT!

Another village scene
In true Japanese monster movie style...

Once it was all over, I set the model up 'fishing' with the Canadian flag on my desk hutch.
He still sits there, even today... With Darth Vader posed to strike.

Coming soon... The Mini-Me Saga!

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Neon Genesis Evangelion belongs to Gainax. Action figure by Kaiyodo.
Darth Vader belongs to Lucasarts, figure by Applause.
I don't know who did the My Little Pony clone or the miniature town set.